This is one of our favourite small business finds this season! Meet the talented and absolutely charming scent guru, Antonina!

“Hey guys! My name is Antonina, and I am a founder of (Wow, That’s Fantastic!).

I’ve always considered myself as, “scent-driven”, and often joke that I must be part hound.  As such, I have always loved scented candles, and started making them a couple years ago, as a DIY.

Not only did I get totally into the creative process, but also became fully immersed in the calming and/or uplifting affects of certain fragrances (set to the warmth of a lit wick). This (my hound-like sense of smell, creative prowess, and yen to zen) evolved into the idea of not just turning on candle, but turning off BULLSH!T.

When not actively engaged in candle-making, I’m overseeing branding, manufacturing, marketing and R&D (cause we always want to innovate and surprise).

We are honoured to have your candles in our Autumn Comfort Box this season and we can’t wait for our customers to fall in love with the exciting scents and groovy design!