Neal Brothers Foods

This dynamic and growing Canadian business is responsible for many of our delicious snacking moments! 

Meet the Neal Brothers, Chris & Peter

A 60-second four-part crash course on the Neal Brothers, Chris & Peter.

  1. We are brothers (yes, this is a common question we get) who started a company making croutons in our mother’s kitchen, thirty years ago.
  2. Our goal, then and now, has always been to provide accessible snack choices for everyone. We use quality ingredients and work hard to ensure we provide a “better for you” snack option.
  3. Since, it’s been 30 years, we thought it would be time to change our look, to maybe grow up a bit (not too much though) and bring you the best Neal Brothers Foods package yet!
  4. As you may know by now, we celebrated our 30th anniversary in a big way, by committing #30ActsofGoodness all over Canada! Check out the videos below to get a little taste of what we did!

We are super excited to have their delicious kettle chips and their fruit bars in this Autumn Comfort Box. The perfect flavours for your family to enjoy together this season and every season!