Rose Toronto

When the founder of Rose Toronto Yalda Shaygy began to experience breakouts and dry skin, she decided to look around for a product that could help alleviate her symptoms and control her acne. Naturally, she gravitated to beauty oils because every makeup tutorial she watched began with a beauty oil.

She purchased a product labelled “pure rose hip oil” but when she read the label the first ingredient was sunflower oil. This is when she decided that she could make a better face oil. Something that was pure, organic and elegant.

Rose Toronto was born!

Yalda’s company is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. For this reason, they only use 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging. All padded mailers and boxes are composed of 100% recycled materials and 25% post consumer waste.

Yalda’s mission involves sticking to 3 to 5 bare essentials. “Our products are truly pure…The products reflect the dignity of self-care, they are pure, organic and elegant. All Rose products are cruelty free, sustainable and free trade.”

We are honoured to have their organic facial oil in our Autumn Comfort Box!