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Rootful Pieces

  Welcome to the summer box Rootful Pieces! Rootful Pieces stands for the practice of embodying culture, home, and roots in each carefully hand-crafted piece. Art is the way the soul feels...When she knew she found her soul she felt her spirit soar...Hara Kar’s purpose is to show you pieces of art with the concept of roots, home and culture in mind. There is beauty everywhere you look and each person will see it through their eyes. I meant for each piece to connect with a special buyer. Let my art speak to you.Check out my unique original handmade pieces of Art, fashion and earrings currently on sale and do come back regularly as pieces are always manifesting.Let us always be...

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A huge welcome to our co-founder Connie & her mom Gina, the proud owners of ART2GO! Visit www.shopart2go.com or an affordable line of art products helping you live an Art-Full life!  Connie & Gina have always had a passion for all things art. They live artfully everyday and now want to bring the best of the lifestyle art and DIY art project world right to your door! With awesome online art classes and door to door delivery, coupled with their meticulous customer service and willingness to help make your experience an amazing one, they are the ONE STOP SHOP for all things art supplies, art projects, artful living products and one of a kind art masterpieces!  

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